ModelsMy GT 350GT 350GT 500GT 500 KR
List Prices
in 1968
$3500 in 1982Fastback $4,116
TypeV-8, iron block, water cooled
HeadEdelbrock E-Street AluminumCast iron, removable
ValvesOverhead, pushrod/rocker-actuated
Max BHP310 HP at 5500 rpm250 @ 6,000 rpm
With Paxton Supercharger
335 @ 5,200 rpm
355 bhp @ 5,400 rpm335 bhp @ 5,600 rpm (actual horsepower was closer to 400bhp same as the 68 1/2 Cobra Jet Mustang)
Max Torque360 lbs. ft @ 4200 rpm318 lbs.-ft @ 3,200 rpm
With Paxton Supercharger
325 lbs.-ft @ 3,200rpm
420 lbs.-ft @ 3,200 rpm440 lbs.-ft @ 3,400 rpm
Displacement302cid, 4272cc302cid, 4272cc428cid, 7051cc*428cid, 7051cc
Compression Ratio9.110.5:110.6:110.6:1 (optional drag racing pistons 12.5:1)
Cylinder Heads & ValvesIntake port 2.02″ intake valve, 1.60″ exhaust – 60cc combustion chamberIntake port 1.78″ intake valve, 1.45″ exhaust – 53cc combustion chamber Large intake port with 2.06″ intake valve, 1.625″ exhaust valves
Induction systemHolley 600 CFM Brawler 4 barrel dual feed with mechanical secondaries & electric chokeSingle Holley four-barrell, 600 cfm
Optional- Paxton Supercharger
Dual Holley four-barrel
715 cfm R-4129
Single Holley four-barrell, 735 cfm
Intake Manifold
COBRA Aluminum hi-riseCOBRA Aluminum hi-riseCOBRA Aluminum intakeCast iron version of aluminum intake
Cam shaft lift & durationComp Cam
.509 intake, .512 Exhaust
268 Duration
 Stock duration (at 0.005″) I=266°, E=244°, lift at valve I=0.360″, E=0.237″ .481 ” intake, .490″ exhaust
290 degree
Exhaust systemTri-Y Headers with H-Pipe & Dual exhaustStandard, dual exhaust
Electrical system12-volt distributor system
DistributorPertronix electronic points in C8ZF-12127-AC8ZF-12127-A/manual
Fuel consumption13-15 mpg9-11 mpg9-11 mpg
FrameUnibody, welded
BodySteel & fiberglass
Front suspensionUnequal arms, performance coil springs, adjustable tube arms, Bilstein Shocks, 15/16″ anti-sway barUnequal arms, coil springs, adjustable tube arms, 15/16″ anti-sway bar
Rear suspensionMid Eye 4.5 leaf multi-leaf axle, semi-elliptical springs & Bilstein tube shocksLive axle, 4 multi-leaf,
semi-elliptical springs, tube shocks
Tire type and sizeGoodrich TA -Front Tires 215/65R15,
Rear Tires 245/60R15
Goodyear Speedway 350 E70-15″Goodyear Speedway
350 E70-15″
Goodyear Speedway 350 E70-15″
Wheel SizeShelby Ten Spoke Aluminum 15X7″Steel Rims & Hubcaps 15×6″ or optional 15×7″
Weights and Measures
Front track58.1″
Rear track58.1″
Overall height51.8″
Overall width70.9″
Overall length183.6″
Ground clearance5.5″6.5″
Crankcase5 quart5 quart
Cooling system20 quart
Gas tank18 gallons
Curb weight3,335 lbs.3,445 lbs.3,570 lbs.
Weight Distribution55/45%56/44%56.8/43.2%
ClutchMcLeod Stage 2
TypeSingle Dry discSingle dry disc
Diameter10.0″ Diaphragm10.5″ Borg & Beck style11.5″ Borg & Beck style11.5″ Borg & Beck style
TypeFord Toploader Four speed – stockFour speed, (full syncromesh) Ford Top Loader or
C-4 automatic
Four speed,
(full syncromesh)
Ford Top Loader or
C-6 automatic
Four speed, (full syncromesh) Ford Top Loader or
C-6 automatic
Ratios 4 speedFirst 2.32:1
Second 1.69:1
Third 1.29:1
Fourth 1.00:1
Reverse 2.32:1
Ratios automaticFirst 2.46:1
Second 1.46:1
Third 1.00:1
Reverse 2.20:1
BrakesFront 11.3″ Wilwood 4 piston power assisted discs, Rear 10X3″ drumsFront 11.3″ Kelsey-Hayes single piston power assisted discs
Rear 10×3″ drums
Front 11.3″ Kelsey-Hayes
power assisted discs.
Rear 10×3″ drums
Front 11.3″ Kelsey-Hayes power assisted discs
Rear 10×3″ drum
Ratios: 4 Speed/Automatic3.89 Rear axlestd. 3.89 or 4.11, 4.56 at no additional cost/ 3.50std. 3.25 or optional
4.11 or 4.56 at no additional cost /3.50
Drive axles – typeEnclosed, semi-floating
TypePower Assisted Recirculating ball
Turns, lock to lock3.5
Turning circle37.6′
Steering ratio16.0:1
0-30 mph2.8 secs3.0 secs2.5 secs
0-40 mph3.7 secs3.8 secs3.6 secs
0-50 mph4.9 secs5.0 secs4.8 secs
0-60 mph6.3 secs6.5 secs6.9 secs
0-70 mph8.6 secs8.6 secs8.2 secs
0-80 mph10.6 secs10.6 secs10.2 secs
0-100 mph17.1 secs17.1 secs14.6 secs
Quarter Mile14.9 secs @ 94 mph14.75 secs @ 98 mph14.04 secs @ 102.73 mph
Top Speed119 mph @ 6,100 rpm129 mph @ 5,100 rpm130 mph @ 6,100 rpm
3rd gear92 mph @ 6,500 rpm116 mph @ 5,500 rpm98 mph @ 6,000 rpm
2nd gear70 mph @ 6,500 rpm79 mph @ 5,500 rpm75 mph @ 6,000 rpm
1st gear51 mph @ 6,500 rpm47 mph @ 5,500 rpm55 mph @ 6,000 rpm
 10 Spoke Shelby Aluminum Wheels 15×7
Automatic Transmission Automatic Transmission C-4Automatic Transmission C-6
Air Conditioning
Ram-Air Hood
Tinted Glass
Fold-down Rear Seat (Fastback Only)
Ford Traction-Lok Limited Slip Rear End
Detroit Locker Rear End
Mandatory Options:
 BrakingPower Brakes
Power Steering
Shoulder harnessAir Craft Type Shoulder Harness
*A very few ’68 GT 500’s came with a 427 low riser engine and those were equipped with an automatic transmission. The letter “W” is in the VIN code for an original factory installed 427.