ModelsGT 350GT 500GT 500 KR
List Prices in 1968Fastback$4,116
TypeV-8, iron block, water cooled
HeadCast iron, removable
ValvesOverhead, pushrod/rocker-actuated
Max BHP250 @ 6,000 rpm
With Paxton Supercharger
335 @ 5,200rpm
355 bhp @ 5,400 rpm335 bhp @ 5,600 rpm (actual horsepower was closer to 400bhp same as the 68 1/2 Cobra Jet Mustang)
Max Torque318 lbs.-ft @ 3,200 rpm
With Paxton Supercharger
325 lbs.-ft @ 3,200rpm
420 lbs.-ft @ 3,200 rpm440 lbs.-ft @ 3,400 rpm
Displacement302cid, 4272cc428cid, 7051cc*428cid, 7051cc
  *A very few ’68 GT 500’s came with a 427 low riser engine and those were equipped with an automatic transmission. The letter “W” is in the VIN code for an original factory installed 427.
Compression Ratio10.5:110.6:110.6:1 (optional drag racing pistons 12.5:1)
Cylinder Heads & Valves  Large intake port with 2.06″ intake valve, 1.625″ exhaust valves
Induction systemSingle Holley four-barrell, 600 cfm
Optional- Paxton Supercharger
Dual Holley four-barrel
715 cfm R-4129
Single Holley four-barrell, 735 cfm
Intake ManifoldCOBRA Aluminum hi-riseCOBRA Aluminum intakeCast iron version of aluminum intake
Cam shaft lift & duration  .481 ” intake, .490″ exhaust
290 degree
Exhaust systemStandard, dual exhaust
Electrical system12-volt distributor system
Fuel consumption13-15 mpg9-11 mpg9-11 mpg
FrameUnibody, welded
BodySteel & fiberglass
Front suspensionUnequal arms, coil springs, adjustable tube arms, anti-sway bar
Rear suspensionLive axle, multi-leaf,
semi-elliptical springs, tube shocks
Tire type and sizeGoodyear Speedway 350 E70-15″Goodyear Speedway
350 E70-15″
Goodyear Speedway 350 E70-15″
Wheel Size15×6 or optional 15×7
Weights and Measures
Front track58.1″
Rear track58.1″
Overall height51.8″
Overall width70.9″
Overall length183.6″
Ground clearance6.5″
Crankcase5 quart
Cooling system20 quart
Gas tank18 gallons
Curb weight3,335 lbs.3,445 lbs.3,570 lbs.
Weight Distribution55/45%56/44%56.8/43.2%
TypeSingle dry disc
TypeFour speed, (full syncromesh) Ford Top Loader or
C-4 automatic
Four speed,
(full syncromesh)
Ford Top Loader or
C-6 automatic
Four speed, (full syncromesh) Ford Top Loader or
C-6 automatic
Ratios 4 speedFirst 2.32:1
Second 1.69:1
Third 1.29:1
Fourth 1.00:1
Reverse 2.32:1
Ratios automaticFirst 2.46:1
Second 1.46:1
Third 1.00:1
Reverse 2.20:1
BrakesFront 11.3″ Kelsey-Hayes power assisted discs
Rear 10×3″ drums
Front 11.3″ Kelsey-Hayes
power assisted discs.
Rear 10×3″ drums
Front 11.3″ Kelsey-Hayes power assisted discs
Rear 10×3″ drum
Ratios: 4 Speed/Automaticstd. 3.89 or 4.11, 4.56 at no additional cost/ 3.50std. 3.25 or optional
4.11 or 4.56 at no additional cost /3.50
Drive axles – typeEnclosed, semi-floating
TypePower Assisted Recirculating ball
Turns, lock to lock3.5
Turning circle37.6′
Steering ratio16.0:1
0-30 mph2.8 secs3.0 secs2.5 secs
0-40 mph3.7 secs3.8 secs3.6 secs
0-50 mph4.9 secs5.0 secs4.8 secs
0-60 mph6.3 secs6.5 secs6.9 secs
0-70 mph8.6 secs8.6 secs8.2 secs
0-80 mph10.6 secs10.6 secs10.2 secs
0-100 mph17.1 secs17.1 secs14.6 secs
Quarter Mile14.9 secs @ 94 mph14.75 secs @ 98 mph14.04 secs @ 102.73 mph
Top Speed119 mph @ 6,100 rpm129 mph @ 5,100 rpm130 mph @ 6,100 rpm
3rd gear92 mph @ 6,500 rpm116 mph @ 5,500 rpm98 mph @ 6,000 rpm
2nd gear70 mph @ 6,500 rpm79 mph @ 5,500 rpm75 mph @ 6,000 rpm
1st gear51 mph @ 6,500 rpm47 mph @ 5,500 rpm55 mph @ 6,000 rpm
 10 Spoke Shelby Aluminum Wheels 15×7
Automatic Transmission C-4Automatic Transmission C-6Automatic Transmission C-6
Air Conditioning
Ram-Air Hood
Tinted Glass
Fold-down Rear Seat (Fastback Only)
Ford Traction-Lok Limited Slip Rear End
Detroit Locker Rear End
Mandatory Options:
 BrakingPower Brakes
Power Steering
Shoulder harnessAir Craft Type Shoulder Harness