The 1968 Shelby Cobras

These pages give general information relating to the 1968 Shelby Cobra models. Where the cars were built and modified. What mods were done. Specifications and colors. How to find and read the serial number.

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The 1968 GT 350

There pages focus only on the small block Shelby cars.

I own one of these and have been restoring it for many years so I am quite familiar with these cars.

I will also include info and details about my car.

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The 1968 GT 500/500KR

The big block cars of 1968 took the Shelby cars to a new level.

Twice as many big block cars were sold as small block. These are pretty awesome muscle cars.

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Web Page Overview

I own a 1968 Shelby Cobra GT 350. I have been restoring the car since I found it in 1982.

I’m pretty proud of what my car has evolved into. I needed a method of documenting info about my car for my own purposes and to share with friends. What better place then to put it on a web page.

Since I am very familiar with the story of the ’68 cars as well as the whole Shelby story, I am going to include additional information about these cars. So this is not going to be just about my car.

The ’68 Shelby Cobra (Mustang) is another chapter in the Shelby story. This is the second generation Mustang that was first introduced in 1967. The ’68 model year introduced the Shelby Cobra convertibles as well as the 1968 1/2 KR Cobra Jet version.

Sales of ’68 Shelby Mustangs were expected to be more than the 3,225 sold in 1967. In fact, 4,451 Shelby Mustangs were sold in 1968. Total production in 1965-66 was 2,942 cars.

You don’t have to know the 1968 Shelby story to read about my version of a 1968 GT 350 Shelby Cobra. Click here to read My GT 350 Story.

Next Steps…

I am going to break the pieces of the Shelby story into manageable parts for easier reading. Let’s see what I end up with. The button takes you to the intro story about the 1968 Shelby Cobra Mustangs