John called me up the next spring after I met him the summer of 2010. I thought he was asking me to bring my car to a show in Delano, his home town, on the 4th of July. Said he would buy the tickets. Sure, of course John. Turned out not to be a show but a parade. He wanted me to drive my Shelby in a parade. I don’t do parades with this car. Too many things that can go wrong. But I’d already agreed to do it for him. They stuck us behind a marching band. I couldn’t let the clutch totally out. Not a problem until we got to this hill. That is where I smoked the clutch badly.

The Eleanor pictured here was behind me in the parade. I forget the owner’s name. Be built this Eleanor himself. No, it is not a real Shelby. At best it is a tribute car. He did a pretty great job on it. I would have picked a different car since it was not a real Shelby and no Shelby Mustang was an ever an Eleanor.