What Comes from the Factory with the $2,495 GT Performance Package?

The package includes 19-inch wheels, with staggered-size summer tires,

It also has:

  • Strut-tower Brace
  • Larger Radiator – (high flow radiator is added to the mix. The performance package radiator is less restrictive meaning coolant can flow faster through the system. It also works to dramatically bring down the temperature because of the fact that it has a higher rate of volume at which the coolant passes through it.)
  • Unique Chassis Tuning
  • Upsized Rear Sway Bar (Ford Street Performance package)
  • Heavy-Duty Front Springs (Not the Ford Street Performance package)
  • Struts (Ford Street Performance package)
  • K-Brace
  • Brembo 6-Piston 15″ Vented Front Brake Calipers with Larger Rotors, 4 piston rear Brembos
  • Front wheels: 19″x9″ – Rear Wheels 19″x9.5″ (Gloss Black Aluminum) combined with 255/40R19 and on the rear are 275/40R19 inch summer only, sticky tires. •Unique Stability Control, EPAS & ABS Tuning
  • 3.73 TORSEN Rear Axle
  • Gauge Pack (Oil Pressure and Vacuum)
  • Spoiler Delete (that’s right upgrade your Mustang GT and Ford deletes the cool spoiler all the other Mustangs get. Does that make sense? I see the newer version does not delete the spoiler. I really intended to put a rear spoiler on it but couldn’t bring myself to drill holes in the trunk lid.)

Brake Pads

  • Ford Service Part: FR3Z-2001-C
  • Motorcraft: BRF1462

Front Brake Rotors

  • Ford Service Part: GR3Z-1125-L
  • Motorcraft:  BRRF246
Ford Performance Street Handling Suspension Package 2015-2020

The above image is of an aftermarket suspension package available from Ford Performance for any S550 Mustang.

The Performance Street Handling Suspension Package.

My Mustang GT has the Performance Package, which includes all the above except it has a different set of springs.

In 2017, there were two different performance packages, one for the Ecoboost and one for the GT Mustangs. While there are similar upgrades, there are minor differences. Both models come with upgraded springs, bushings, shocks, and a rear sway bar. They also have upgraded cooling and a strut tower brace.

For the Ecoboost, it comes with four-piston aluminum brakes. Complimenting these are 13.9 inch rotors in the front. Rounding out the brakes in the rear are a single piston, floating caliper with a 13 inch rotor. It also comes with a 3.55 rear gear ratio. Moving the car are 19×9 wheels with Pirelli 255/40R19 tires.

6 Piston Brembo on 5.0 Mustang

On the other end, the GT has similar upgrades with the addition of a few items as well. It has six piston brakes up front attached to 15 inch rotors (stock 2014 GT500 brakes). The rear brake upgrade is the same as the Ecoboost. The rear gear ratio is upgraded to a 3.73 ratio, which is perfect for all around driving aspects as well as performance. In combination with the 3.73 ratios, there is a Torsen differential as well. Moving the car, there are 19×9.5 inch wheels all around, with 255/40R19 Pirelli tires in the front and 275/40R19 Pirelli tire in the back. Rounding out the specific upgrades is a splitter that aids with brake cooling for the front brakes.

About Progressive Springs

This suspension set up is very tight but not too stiff. It has progressive springs on it which allows a variable spring rate as you push the car.

See if I can give some insight as to the value of Progressive springs. The linear springs have the linear compression rate. At one inch the spring rate could be 50 lbs., at 2″ 100 lbs, at 3″ 200 lbs. Progressive springs have a variable spring compression rate. So for normal driving, these springs give a softer ride. As you push the car and the springs compress, the rate changes. The Ford engineers put progressive springs on the GT 350R.

My ’68 Shelby has linear performance springs. Wish I’d looked for some progressive front springs. When I ordered those springs I did not know what progressive springs were used for. Didn’t learn that until I did some research on the springs available for replacement on the 2017 Mustang. Yes, there are linear and progressive springs offered.